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1945 Air Force – Free shooting airplane games – Old free shooting game in a new style. If you are a fan of arcade shooting free games, it’s missing to skip the 1945 Air Force – Free shooting airplane games in your free games collection. More than 16 types of famous WWII combat planes for military fans with various missions and challenges.
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* Touch the screen to move, and free fire destroys all enemies.
* Collect items to upgrade your airplanes or change your weapons.

* PvP – online shooting games: 1 VS 1, 2 VS 2
* Exciting battle: more than 200 levels full of enemies and breathtaking action.
* Additional modes: Bombarding, Bosses and Protect, Stealth, Assault, each radically changing the gameplay.
* Huge bosses: battle and defeat the extreme bosses and wipe out swarms of their minions.
* Great visuals: Vertical shooters have never been better. Epic sky wars are full of excitement.
* Lucky wheel, daily quest, and free gems every day for you.
* Free Retro shooting game modernized: This top-down shooter will make you through back to your childhoods when the classic shooting games like Galaga, Gallag, Galaxigan, Space Invader, Gallagher will never age.
* 1945 Air Force – Arcade shooter offline games for free and without wifi.
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