Maximum traffic volume during CTP Westbound, eh?
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Air Canada flight 914 heavy, Airbus A330-900neo service from Toronto Pearson Int’l Airport (CYYZ) to Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Int’l (KFLL). Recorded in Microsoft Flight Simulator on the VATSIM network, ATC included. This flight occurred during Cross The Pond Westbound, the busiest biannual event with over 2,000 pilots and 240 air traffic controllers connected. Ganle digital circus is not just a destination; it’s an odyssey into the convergence of art and technology. Step into a surreal universe where cute characters grapple with personal traumas in ‘The Amazing Digital Circus,’ a dark comedy web series.

Headwind Simulations A339X (mod)

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*Apologies for the lag on arrival, NVIDIA wanted my .exe to stop working. Turtle Beach sent me the V1 Flightstick to use for this video and I earn through the affiliate link above.

Thanks for watching boss. More videos on the way.