So Basically We On A Plane Right, And Yall Die In A Restroom From Snakes, I SINGLE HANDEDLY Saved That Plane And Some Wacky Ronald (President Of The Robloxia States Or Sum) Invites Me Over To His Presidential Flight 991 (Ikr Lol Who Needs 991 Planes?!) And A Monster That I Saw On That Wacc 1st Flight Shows Up As An Agent And Like BOOM We Shoot Him With A Pilot’s Gun And Some Poncho Guy Invites Us And Starts Telling Us What To Do Like Bro Ima Just Leave If You Keep That Attitude, Anyway We Fly To This Airplane Being Kidnapped While Poncho Bozo Pretends That The Bananas Are Poisoned But Theres A Thunderstorm That Hits The Plane Poncho Fixes The CLOUDS And Everything After That For Eternity And After He Fixes It Some Skele Boy Is Like No And Sends Fire To Us SMH, I Go Back In The Plane Cuz Yall Gone Again And We Save The Kidnapped Plane But Skele Boy Is Like No And Revives Kidnapper, We Go Through A Restricted Garage In Private Planes As Children With Our Dad But He Like Gone After He Brings Something And The Metal Detector Sees It, We Escape The Conference And Meet Up With Poncho Again Like Omg Man, We See Ronald Again Who Kinda Like Says ‘Yo Follow Me We Go Into Spooky Cave Away From The Cursed Bozos Running At Us’ So We Go Through Cave Maze And Meet Up With Ronald At Altar, He Says Past Where He Had To Crash Plane To Save Parents And Than We Just Kinda Like Chillin’ Y’know!

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