Does your toddler love planes , air vehicles and every kind of peg puzzle and wooden puzzle ?

If your child want to play with a lot of vehicles you have found the right educational game !

This app is a challenging and fun way to develop fine motor skills, visual perception and hand-eye coordination.
Airplane Games for Toddlers and Kids : discover the air vehicles ! is simple and fun :

* Touch the screen to drag and drop the vehicle in the right spot.
* Pop all the bubbles and play with the reward screen when a puzzle is solved.
* Tap on the arrow to pass to the next level.

18 beautiful puzzles in the unlocked version with colorful air vehicles: airplanes, blimp, jumbo jet, helicopter, fighter aircraft, jet, plane, propeller plane, rockets, shuttle, glider, hang gliding, hot air balloon, spaceship and many others!

Funny cartoon sound effects and vehicles sounds !
A stunning collection of planes with these free puzzles games !
When a puzzle is completed toddlers are rewarded with celebrations and interactions.

Your toddler will have fun with this wooden peg puzzle and beautiful vehicles.

free download:

If your toddler loves to play with toy cars, toy airplanes and model plane this is the best puzzle game for your child.

– Airplane Games for Toddlers

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