Note: this is not a real airplane emergency landing and plane crash scene. This is GTA 5 game, I make this video for gaming entertainment purpose.

Thank you for attention! 😊

A biggest passenger plane is flying in the sky to Los Santos airport, when suddenly smoke from several engines begins. The pilot restarts the aircraft’s engines, the smoke disappears, but soon one engine completely breaks down.

The pilot immediately requests an emergency landing at the airport. The dispatcher responds quickly and calls the fire brigade, ambulance, and police to the runway.

Emergency services arrive at the scene a couple of minutes later and wait for the plane to emergency landing.

And so, the plane begins to land, but the pilot cannot stop the plane, the brakes have failed! Further, the plane rolls out over the runway into the water.

Now a rescue helicopter with a small submarine is flying to the crash scene. They arrive at the crash site and the submarine finds the drowned plane, then all rescue services arrive at the scene, install powerful cranes to pull the plane out of the water and start an investigation and find out why the plane’s engine failed, and then it could not stop and crash in water

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