This is not a real plane crash and Megalodon shark, it is GTA 5 game. I made this video for entertainment purpose

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The pilot waits for a special car to be loaded onto the plane. At this time, the Megalodon shark is in the depths of the sea. The plane picks up speed and before it takes off happens a sudden disaster! The car falls out of the plane, and the pilot has to make a very important decision about an emergency landing. Where should he land the plane? He decides to make an emergency landing on the water at sea, but he does not know that there is a Megalodon shark. See what happens to the plane and the pilot.

GTA 5 Megalodon Shark Mod –

If you want Megalodon mod, you should know that this mod will replace Tiger Shark in game

The plane name is “Titan” it is original GTA 5 aircraft

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