Do you want to visit an interactive #airport and play pretend? Then this app is perfect for you! Download now and enter the airport right away!

Have you always wanted to be an airport manager ✈️ and work in an airport? Then this app will take you on the perfect adventure! Get inside the airport and prepare to fly in a top-notch airplane. Explore every corner of the airport and get ready to travel for your vacation! Show off your creativity through storytelling and role-play. ☁️

🛫 Here’s what you get in this app 🛫

💺 Duty-Free Shopping Area
Shop to your heart’s content in this Duty-free shopping area in the airport. Play dress up #airportgames or pretend to be cabin crew in these airline games. Buy stuff from the vending machine and eat yummy food too! It’s the perfect start to your vacation.

💺 Immigration and Security Area
Make sure that the airport is safe by scanning every passenger. Ensure that no harmful objects are being taken on board. Complete the entire check-in process including luggage and boarding passes. It’s exactly like how a real airport works!

💺 Airplane
When the whole check-in process is done, then it’s time to get on the airplane! Experience the life of frequent flyers by traveling in business as well as economy classes of the airplane. Be the best cabin crew and provide awesome service to the passengers.

Key Features:
✈️ 15 new characters including cabin crew members, airport manager, and passengers.
✈️ Lots and lots of objects to play. It’s fun to create your own story in this app!
✈️ Touch, drag and explore every object and see what happens!
✈️ This airplane and airport are completely safe and ad-free!
✈️ Made for kids of ages 6-8, but everyone will enjoy playing this app.

Are you ready to begin your holiday adventure? Get started now by downloading this app! Happy journey!! ✈️💺☁️