Velociteach presents the Airplane Game Simulation video — a part of Alan Zucker’s InSite course, Fundamentals of Agile.

This video is intended to help visualize Lean. In these simulations, what we see is the difference between pushing work through the process and pulling work through the process. When we push work through the process, we create backlogs that cause inefficiencies in the flow of work. But that’s the way we typically work. We are trying to optimize what we, individually, do and do not think about the entire system or end-to-end process.

So, how do we improve the flow of work? A simple way is implementing a pull process, which means that you cannot start the next piece of work until the next person in the line has pulled the completed work to them. And what we see when we initiate pull processing is a more even flow of work. We have less waste. We have lower inventory levels. It’s usually a less stressful production line.

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