No Mods Used. Just go to DIRECTOR MODE and fly these big planes!✌😊

0:00 Start
2:50 First 747 Jumbo Jet lands
6:50 Landing at Army Base
9:39 Taking down a 747
13:05 Chasing
18:50 Close call landing
22:30 Stealing another plane
26:57 Landing desert airfield
36:46 mid-air collision
45:36 Simultaneous landing and take-off
47:44 Bulldozer VS Jumbo Jet
51:42 Bulldozer VS Police & Jumbo Jet
55:35 Car VS Jumbo Jet
56:49 Plane takes off in just 2 seconds
57:10 Fire truck on airstrip
58:08 Fire truck collides with plane

Did you know that Rockstar designed the LS International Airport in GTA 5 with flying Jumbo Jets, but never put it in the game! You still can find them in the director mode. Here you can fly them, and If you know their pattern you can see them land and sometimes even take off. First I will show you how to get into this Director mode. Go to Story mode. Here you go to the Interaction Menu, and select Director Mode. Choose your own charactor, or everyone you like! Now you are in the director mode version of GTA. It is still kind like Story Mode, but with a lot of extra things to do. You can’t call for a personal car or helicopter, but you can teleport yourself around the entire map.

DIRECTOR MODE Jumbo Jet Guide:
DIRECTOR MODE Where to Find The Whale?

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